Shoes for Minimalists | Barefoot Zero Drop Footwear

I started wearing barefoot shoes because I wanted to invite more natural movement. All the other shoes I've been wearing were not allowing me to strengthen my foundations. My foot was rigid and there was no movement, freedom, or space. I used to walk in a stomping motion but now heel to toe walking and I can work out my foot by moving it freely. Feel free to watch my video for more insights.

I am not an expert so I highly recommend reading Katie Bowman’s work Whole Body Barefoot and Move Your DNA. She uses the term Nutritious Movement to help heal the body and to correct alignment.


I realized that a barefoot shoe is only a part of the solution I was seeking. I also had to be mindful of my walking. So I try my best not to stomp, drag, or walk unevenly. I also practice natural and organic movement through hiking, long-distance walking, gardening, and other activities.

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My Nutritious Movement routine

  • Yoga & gentle stretching

  • 1 - 2 hour morning walk

  • Hiking

  • Backpacking

  • Earthing

  • Tree climbing

  • Active sitting & squatting

  • Swinging


Benefits I have experienced from wearing barefoot shoes

  1. Natural foot massage

  2. Breathable

  3. Spacious toe box

  4. Strengthens foundation

  5. Lessen knee pain

  6. Easy to carry and compact

  7. Lightweight

  8. Form arches

Downsides to wearing barefoot shoes

  1. Sole wears quickly

  2. Difficult to find Vegan waterproof shoes

  3. May take some time to transition

  4. May cause pain if one does not use proper walking techniques

My Minimalist footwear recommendations

I understand that everyone's need and place of residence are different so feel free to buy what is suitable for your own unique lifestyle. If you need snowshoes or fancy shoes, do what's comfortable for you. And I do not force anyone to downsize their shoe collection in order to label themselves as extreme minimalists.


How to walk mindfully

  • Be fully aware of the in and out breathe

  • Walk from heel to toe

  • Stay in the present moment

  • Focus on the practice of walking instead of using the phone or listening to music

Learn more about mindful walking through Thich Nhat Hanh and his book Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life