How to Become a Freelancer and Digital Nomad

I know that it is difficult to shed fear and resistance to becoming a creative money maker. For me, it helped me to focus less on the material gain but the joy of doing what I love. It is more about the process and less about reaching the ultimate goal with perfection. Learn more about my mindset and the tools I use in my Extreme Minimalist Job video.

Some mindset resources that helped me arrive in this present moment include Ask and It Is Given and Money and The Law of Attraction by the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I also recommend Secrets of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, Success Is For You by David R Hawkins, and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. 

I take courses for self-development as well and watch marketing expert videos like Sunny Lenarduzzi. It also helps to create a clear goal with tools like vision boards. I also use different apps for bookkeeping, time tracking, appointments management, and scheduling.

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How to Make Money Online

  • Sell digital goods / ebook

  • Sell ad space

  • Receive sponsorship

  • Start a coaching business

  • Join an affiliate program

  • Offer webinars / courses

  • Get hired as a copywriter

  • Dive into investments

Possible Remote Jobs

  • Copywriter

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Social Media Manager

  • Retoucher

  • Creative (Illustrator, Artist, UI/UX Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, Videographer, etc.)

  • Email Marketer

  • Translator

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Accountant

  • Influencer & Content Creator

Where to Find Remote Jobs

Useful Freelancer Tools

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  • Work with specific clients

  • Flexible hours

  • Flexible location

  • Set my own rate (within the client's budget)

  • Make creative decisions

  • Be my own boss

  • Less stress and competition (at least for me)


  • Estimated Quarterly Tax

  • Sales Tax

  • State-specific tax responsibilities

  • Potential financial instability at first

  • Late payment from clients

  • Have to be thorough with contracts

  • Business expense burden