PODCAST: Cultivate Abundance Mindset - Material Abundance vs True Abundance

Today I am going deeper with the part of Four Steps to Success in Minimalism. Ready to get started on cultivating an abundance mindset? Stick around till the end for the details on what actions you can take in this present moment to be more abundant. I will be also sharing some resources like guided affirmations, reading list and videos to get you started.


What’s covered in this episode

  • Difference between material and spiritual abundance

  • Why you compare yourself with others

  • Why spiritual abundance is more valuable

  • How to cultivate more abundance

  • Why abundance is the answer to your Minimalism journey

Resources Mentioned

We lean heavily towards physical conditions to bring us happiness and anything outside of that is not valuable or worthy of our attention. So it naturally feels that having more is better and having less is poverty, discomfort, and so outside of the norm that it is considered insanity. 

That's the kind of mindset and attitude that puts us in deep suffering. It makes us compare ourselves with others because we obviously can see with our own eyes that, that person has better things than we do. And because they have more things, we assume they are happy and abundant. It is no surprise that a person with more money has better things. A better car, a better job, a nicer house, a  better life-situation. But that is a matter of what money can buy. It's just the material and quality of the product that they are superior in. 

“Everything is co-creating and constantly flowing. Nothing is still and nothing can truly be disconnected from one another. “

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