10 Spiritual Minimalist Ways to Deal with Negative People

I know that it is tough to feel good when negative influences are around us. That’s why the best thing we can do for ourselves is to focus on self-care, self-love, and compassion. We don’t have to jump into an argument when we know that being right or wrong doesn’t matter at the end. What matters most is our inner transformation and growth. So instead of dealing with negative energy, it is best to align with our authentic self to cultivate inner well-being.

If you want more in-depth explanation on this topic, feel free to watch my video Being Different and Not Caring.

What’s covered in this video

  • How to stop attacking people when we are the ones doing it

  • How to respect people when they are different from us

  • How to invite compassion

  • How to identify criticism which

  • How to overcome victim mentality

  • How to not care what others are saying

10 Spiritual Minimalist ways to deal with negative people

  1. Walk away from negativity and let go of toxic people knowing that they just need time to deal with their inner conflict.

  2. Be open to asking for help from like-minded communities, professionals, authors, and coaches.

  3. Focus on what I can do in the present moment to live with peace.

  4. Work on self-love and self-improvement to gain inner strength

  5. Connect with higher power in order to feel more connected with other living beings (compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love)

  6. Learn to forgive by surrendering the need to be right.

  7. Think positively by focusing on the good things that are happening. Spend time with positive people with good vibes.

  8. Take time off to be alone so you can recover from toxic people.

  9. See the big picture instead of focusing too much on what’s going on in your personal life. Go to nature and explore the outdoors! You can also try new things.

  10. Talk to them with honesty. Share you emotional needs through Non-violent Communication.

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