PODCAST: Emotional Decluttering for Minimalism - Part 1

Our emotions are fully capable of reaching us in all aspects of our lives no matter how much we try to avoid it. And all negativity rises not from conflict but from our resistance to take care of our negative feelings. In today's episode, I will be sharing why it is necessary to return to neutrality by embracing both the negativity and positivity within our lives. Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode in August for more on emotional decluttering.


What’s covered in this episode

  • Why we forget to go through emotional decluttering

  • Why emotional awareness is a must

  • How to return to emotional neutrality

  • How to embrace negativity without resistance

  • How to raise the level of consciousness

  • How to focus on the solution instead of the problem

Resources Mentioned

We label negativity as the main thing in the way of success and happiness. But what's really in the way is our own resistance against what is perceived as negative. If only we learn how to surrender and let go, everything including positivity and negativity can be utilized as a tool for nourishment. Our success in minimalism and success in life in general depends on our willingness to face our struggles with courage. It's just like what we discussed in the previous episode of dealing with negative people. We can overcome criticism and judgement as long as we disarm the attacker by no longer perceiving that person as an attacker. And we can do the same with nativities in life by no longer perceiving it as a threat.

“Everything is waiting to be healed and you just have to be the cooperative component in that healing. “

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