Extreme Minimalist Sustainable Low-waste Cleaning Tips and Recipes

I do spend more time cleaning as an Extreme Minimalist practicing furniture-free living because I am not relying on vacuum cleaners, laundry machine, and dishwashers. But this doesn't mean that I find this task exhausting. For me, cleaning is also a part of my mindfulness practice. I can be completely in the present moment simply focusing on the act of cleaning and breathing deeply while doing this. I love caring for my mind, body, and surrounding with intention.

Watch my Furniture-free Extreme Minimalist Apartment Cleaning Routine for the details on how I use simple and natural tools for cleaning.

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What I use for cleaning


Benefits of mopping





DIY all-purpose cleaner recipe



  • One part water and one part vinegar!

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How to be sustainable when cleaning

  1. Buy in bulk

  2. Try to make your own cleaning solution instead of buying packaged products

  3. Get plastic-free plant-based tools (natural & wooden brushes)

  4. Reuse old cloth as rags

  5. Recycle & compost waste

  6. Get high-quality tools within budget to avoid buying replacements

  7. Use safe grey water from the sink and laundry for gardening


How to purify indoor air

  • Burn ethically source candled (preferably Vegan) - Organic soy & coconut

  • Cleanse with a herb bundle

  • Keep air purifying plants

  • Use essential oil diffuser or nebulizer

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