My Extreme Minimalist Sustainable Travel Pack

I'm an Extreme Minimalist and I fit everything in a single pack for all my trips. The same goes for day trips, one week vacation, and even longer ones. If you want, feel free to check out my travel pack video on my channel.

When I am hiking, I use a larger backpack from Granite Gear. It has a 62 liter capacity and includes all my sleeping gears inside. On a regular trip into a city like Tokyo or London, I travel with my Minimalist bag from Pakt. I take my zero-waste kit, essentials, filming gears, and my EDC which includes my wallet, phone, keys.


What’s inside an Extreme Minimalist travel bag?

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Zero-waste Kit

EDC (Everyday Carries)

  • Phone & charger

  • Wallet

  • Sunglasses

  • Keys

Personal Hygiene




Minimal Packing Hacks

  • Ranger roll clothing

  • Go for collapsible and compact products

  • Use carabiners to hang things

  • Use a stuff sack for space consuming winter clothes


I have a 15 item capsule wardrobe and I also own two pair of shoes. So naturally I keep my travel outfits simple. My travel pack includes…

  • 1 Outer

  • 2 Extra outfits

  • 2 Socks

  • 3 Underwear

  • Plus the shoe & outfit I will be wearing to the airport


Since I don’t own a separate set of pajamas, I simply wear a clean set of my outdoor clothes indoors. My clothing are mostly linen and cotton, so I am able to feel comfortable and relaxed. In order to not run out of clean clothes, I have to keep up with my laundry routine.

Washing my clothes

I use my Scrubba bag for washing my clothes everyday or every other day if it is colder. I leave the clothing out to dry in the sun if I have an outdoor balcony. If not, I simply place it on top of the heater. I can easily do this in the bathroom at a hotel or at a friend’s place where I am staying. I do use my homemade laundry detergent at home but a simple soap bar can make do while I am away.

Sustainable Travel Tips

It is difficult to keep up with my zero-waste or low-waste goals when I am traveling. But I do not strive for perfection in my journey so I just try my best to keep it eco-friendly while I am away. That’s why I take my reusable kit everywhere and try not to dine at to-go places.

I am also aware of the effects of travel pollution so I try to stay productive when I need to travel by air. This way I can make use of my time fully instead of wasting the resources used in my transportation. The key is to be mindful and appreciative of the resources instead of being mindless with my consumption.

  • Be productive while traveling

  • Be mindful of my waste

  • Try my best to avoid plastic products

  • Be fully aware of my own carbon footprint

  • Don’t focus on guilt trapping myself for being unsustainable

  • Do what I can in the present moment

  • Spread the message! Talk about sustainability when I meet new people in different places

Sustainable and minimal gift giving

It’s tough to avoid the temptation of shopping especially when I am in places like Japan. There are so much beautiful wabi-sabi ceramic pieces that I love! I allow myself to be flexible with my consumption but I still keep up with mindfulness when I am shopping overseas. I try my best to choose sustainable, local, and handcrafted products. I also consider ease of use, pricing, and compactness in order to keep up with my utilitarian mindset. If you want to grab a souvenir for yourself or want to buy gifts for your friends and family, keep these three things in mind.

  1. Choose what the other person will love and enjoy. You need to be mindful of that person’s need and aesthetic instead of buying something that you like.

  2. Go for sustainable, ethically made, and eco-friendly products as much as possible.

  3. Try to buy something that can be easily consumed and used instead of something that is for decorative purposes only. I usually buy exotic spices, teas, and soap for gifts.

If you want to start living a more minimal lifestyle, feel free to declutter with me! Download your Minimalist Workbook to dive deeper into simple living.

Happy traveling my friends!