Full List of Household Resources

I often get asked where I find sustainable and natural products for my home and office. I compiled a list of resources that I am using. Remember that this is not an invitation for mindless consumption. Please be intentional of what you buy and invite into your life. Be aware that not all of these items are sustainable or ethically sources. I try my best to support organic, plastic-free, or natural products.

I will also include a reading list for those wanting to deepen their practice of Mindfulness, Sustainability, Minimalism, and Wellness.

For Zero-waste kitchen and bathroom items, visit here.

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*This post may contain affiliate link. I only recommend products I believe will add value to you.

Organic Cotton Throw

Organic Cotton Hammock

Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

100% Linen Duvet Cover

Jute Runner Rug

Organic Cotton Buckwheat Zafu

Chlorine Shower Filter

Fluroide & Chlorine Water Filter

Touchscreen Tablet Laptop

Travel Foldable Yoga Mat

Bamboo Mouse

Yoga Wheel

Essential Oil

Essential Oil Nebulizer

Foldable Laptop Bamboo Desk

Laundry Bag


Collapsible Computer Stand

Wooden Salad Bowl


Rattan Cushion

Rosegold Simple Hanger



Minimal wall lamp

Amber glass spray bottle

non-toxic fountain pen ink

Stainless Steel Fountain Pen