Minimalism FAQ - Get Unstuck

Are you unsure about your Minimalism journey? Do you want to move forward but still feel stuck? It’s okay to feel emotional blocks along the way. It only makes things more interesting!

So don’t give up. I’m here to answer your questions and to support you.

I will cover some questions that I receive from my YouTube, Patreon, Facebook, and Instagram community.

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Reading List

Dark Side of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel Smith

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

Letting Go by David R Hawkins

Minimalism FAQ

Q: How do I get rid of sentimental things? I really don’t want to keep it but I am having a hard time discarding it.

A: You must first identify the emotions you feel when discarding gifts, presents, heirlooms, or anything of sentimental value. Do you feel shame or guilt? You might be feeling guilty about being seen as a “bad” person who is careless about valuable things. I understand that you are trying to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.

If that is the case, you are prioritizing the need of other people more than your own well-being. It’s okay to give yourself permission to be selfish at times. The universe loves you no matter what so you don’t have to prove your kindness or self-worth. I suggest simply thanking the giver or the object itself with your words and genuine feelings. Do not try to measure your worth through actions or material possessions. You are wholly lovable no matter what you do or possess.  

Q: I struggle with perfectionism. How do I overcome this?

A: You are struggling with perfectionism because you believe in conditional love. You might be thinking that you are not deserving of love and affection if you are imperfect. I also feel this way at times and it takes continuative mindfulness and intention to overcome this block. The best way to let go of perfectionism is to be gentle and kind to yourself. I suggest inviting more compassion into your life by practicing forgiveness. I also recommend Shadow Work and The Healing Code to heal perfectionism. Like I always say, it is not realistic to cure your shadows and negative emotions so simply focus on love and self-acceptance.

Q: I don’t have the time and energy to commit to decluttering. What can I do?

A: You may not want to hear this but you are the only uncooperative component in the way of your success. I understand how tough it can get when you feel like you are lacking in resources. You might feel tired after a hard day of work and maybe you have family chores to take care of. But you are ultimately responsible for your own well-being. This may be the hard truth that you have been avoiding. I was in denial of my blocks for many years before I was able to practice empowerment and forgiveness. It’s okay that you are fearful and scared. I strongly believe that you have the power to heal yourself. You can manifest your desire with ease and gentleness as long as you believe in your own strength. You can easily overcome any lack of external resources. You can let go of resistance, excuses, and negative mindsets. Try focusing on being productive with your time and do your best in letting go of any distractions. You don’t have to be perfect in your journey, it only matters that you did what you can in the present moment. If it still feels overwhelming, try lowering your expectations. Start small and build up.

Q: I feel stuck and I don’t know what the problem is. What’s in the way of my success in Minimalism?

A: You are truly brave for diving into Minimalism and you are struggling because you are simply ready for the next level. You are ready to dive even deeper into emotional declutter and that is a good thing. You are ready to go beyond external decluttering and organizing. You are ready to bring the sense of security that you wish to obtain through Minimalism. If you are able to commit to this, you will manifest all that you wish and more. Try to see the light in your journey because you have already made so much progress.

Q: I can’t stop shopping. How I do stop my addiction?

A: Mindless consumption stems from the need to cover up emotional insecurities with temporary thrills. You need to first identify your disowned traits like buried shame, fear, and guilt. I used to be a shopaholic because I was trying to distract myself from dealing with my anxiety and vulnerabilities. I suggest that you do the emotional work and you will soon let go of your obsession with material accumulation. You can also heal your addiction by focusing on nourishing yourself through healthy habits. Focus on physical activities like yoga, forest bathing, and other natural movements. Find what makes you feel happy and commit to it with mindfulness and intention.

Q: I like the idea of Minimalism but I am not ready. Should I still do it?

A: You don’t have to force yourself. Be gentle and kind during the process. Ask yourself why you feel resistance against Minimalism. You may be able to uncover emotional blocks that may be affecting your life in many aspects. Maybe Minimalism is not the only thing feel unsure about. Try to explore your inner-self with a compassionate and understanding approach.

Q: How do I deal with people against my minimal lifestyle?

A: I understand how destructive and toxic violent speech can be to many people. It’s okay to feel insecure and scared when you are attacked. If someone in your life bothers you with their criticism, it’s a good time to work on your inner shadows. Simply focus on your own emotions instead of trying to fix the other person. Try your best to not give away power to judgemental people by focusing on your inner strength and the things that you love about your life situation. Also, remember that those who are content with their own lifestyle will never externalize their insecurities.