Everything I Pack in a Camping Backpack | Digital Nomad Minimalist Outdoor Gear

I love the outdoors because I feel deeply connected with this Earth. I appreciate how everything is flowing with ease and gentleness. To me, nothing seems out of place and everything is co-existing in harmony. If you are curious, feel free to watch my video Everything I Pack in a Camping Backpack | Minimalist. I also share tips on how to keep it minimal, compact, and lightweight.

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Minimalist Camping Gear List

lt is convenient to support my journey with material things. But I also want you to know that it is not necessary to own many things in order to be with nature. You only have to be in the present moment while being surrounded by natural elements. It is a luxury to own things and I appreciate the abundance that I have. But I also know that I can always let go of all of these and I know that I can thrive and be happy even without it.

If you intend to purchase anything, stay mindful and intentional.

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly outdoor gear options

I do find it difficult to look for sustainable and Eco-friendly options when it comes to outdoor gear. It is often heavily dyed, sprayed with flame retardant chemicals, and fungicides. If that is not a concern for you I am happy for you. But for me, even though I know that I can not be perfect, I try my best to choose green options.

I recommend going for either Recycled Material, GOT Organic certified, OEKO-TEX certified, Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Council, Animal Welfare or BlueSign certified products. Buying used or borrowing is also an option when it comes to waste problems.

Where can I get used outdoor gear?

You can check out this full list of places to buy used or trade gear! I also have some recommendations below.