Sustainable Minimalist Travel Routine

Traveling nourishes my soul. Whenever I return home from my trip I always feel a deep appreciation for how other people live in different places. I also feel grateful for all the beautiful places on this Earth. That's why I am attracted to a lifestyle that allows more freedom, ease, flexibility, and adventure.

When I travel, I stick to nourishing habits and activities instead of focusing on mindless consumption.

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Travel Light

I keep my pack light so that I can focus on cultivating nourishment instead of feeling overwhelmed with my things. If you want, feel free to watch my minimalist travel pack video.

The key is to take what makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Everyone’s level of comfort is different so feel free to do what works for you.

Get Work Done

I do work while traveling at times but of course I enjoy going back to my inner-child and having fun instead of constantly working. When I feel like focusing on being fully present during my trip, I simply try my best to get work done before heading out. This way I don't have to procrastinate when I come back or think about it constantly.

Go To Nature

I always focus on nourishing experiences, nutritious movement, spiritual abundance, and emotional well-being more than material accumulation or consumption. I prefer going to nature and exploring my surrounding instead of going to shops.

For me, I love the outdoors so I usually venture outside to go hiking and to practice forest bathing. When I am connected with nature, I feel nourished and spiritually abundant. I appreciate this Earth with gratitude and I am happy to explore and learn new things about my surrounding.

Hydrate Often

I used to struggle with staying hydrated throughout the day because I was too focused on getting things done. Now I take my reusable bottle everywhere to drink plenty of water. This way I can have the energy to enjoy my trip without suffering from dehydration. It feels nourishing to listen to my feelings and physical needs with mindfulness.

Eat Mindfully

I do like to eat what's available locally but I also enjoy making my food while traveling. I love being involved in the process of gathering and cooking food.

I know that it's hard to cook while traveling so I always keep a flexible approach. I don't focus on guilt-trapping myself for cheating once in a while.

Keep It Low-waste

I try to keep my trips sustainable and eco-friendly as much as possible. I admit that it's difficult to be perfect so I am gentle with my unfolding. I take my reusable utensils and foldable cup when I go to restaurants. I also use my bento box when I pack my lunch for outdoor activities. It's also important for me to respect where I am so I take my waste with me when I am outdoors.

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Sustainable Zero-waste Travel Reusables

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Staying active allows energy to flow through my body and I am also able to get a good rest at night. I listen to my comfort level when it comes to the amount of exercise I want to do in a day. And I enjoy natural movement more than using specific equipment. So I tend to go for long-distance walking and include gardening as a part of my exercise routine. I do not think that being active is for everyone so feel free to do what is comfortable for your own body.


I used to fear doing new things and being adventurous with my life. Now I appreciate the gift of this present moment. I actively seek nourishment and joy through experiences and traveling. I'm happy to share my journey with you my friends.