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Minimalism is the practice of focusing on nourishment and healing by removing blocks. It is the process of letting go both the inner struggles and physical distractions.

The ultimate goal is to apply a Minimalist mindset to all aspects of life. This includes being intentional with your surrounding space, consumption habit, and lifestyle choice. Feel free to watch my Extreme Minimalist Decluttering video to get started.

If you feel overwhelmed and stuck, I recommend using the tools outlined here. You can also revisit your goals for motivation and you can use the guide on how to get unstuck. Also, feel free to recite the Minimalism affirmations in my ebook.

There is no time limit to decluttering. Take it slow. Be mindful. Do what is comfortable for you!

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Decluttering Techniques

Keep What Makes Life Easy

The key is to hold each object mindfully in your hand while asking yourself these questions.

  1. Does the benefit of using this object outweigh the maintenance, space, and initial investment?

  2. Am I going to be uncomfortable without this?

  3. Do I need this to define who I am?

  4. Am I using this to cover up my emotions? (sadness, anger, anxiety, insecurity, depression, helplessness, etc.)

Declutter With Ease

Take time off if you feel overwhelmed. Read a book, meditate, do yoga, meet up with a friend, enjoy a delicious meal, or do whatever that helps you take your mind off of Minimalism.

Be Responsible for What’s Important

Approach decluttering with the purpose to lessen your responsibilities and burden. The less you have the less things you have to take care of. Keep in mind that less clothes equals less laundry. Less kitchenware means less dishes to wash. Who doesn’t like more time to laze around?

Quality, Space, and Money

The golden rule is to keep what is high quality, space saving, and good for the price you paid.

Decluttering Tips

  • Keep only what sparks joy

  • Express gratitude to your belongings

  • Keep similar things together

  • Fold clothing vertically

  • Declutter by category

  • Let go 10 things a day

  • Focus on small areas

  • Use a timer to feel less exhausted

  • Make DISCARD, DONATE, and SELL boxes

  • Use apps like Poshmark, BUNZ, AptDeco, LetGo, Mercari, OfferUp, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to resell goods

Reading List

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Do you need more resources? Start decluttering with my Minimalist Workbook


What’s covered in THE Minimalist Workbook

  1. How do I let go of sentimental things?

  2. How do I declutter?

  3. How do I use decluttering techniques?

  4. Is there a decluttering planner?

  5. Is there a decluttering course?

  6. How do I get unstuck?

  7. How do I know what I want in my life?

  8. How do I deal with negativity against Minimalism?

  9. How do I discard mindfully?

  10. How do I pick sustainable fabrics and clothing?


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  • Solution Focused Questions

  • Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

  • Focus Wheel

  • Wheel of Life

  • Declutter Weekly Planner

  • 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

  • 30 X 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

  • Minimal Wardrobe Planner

  • Priority Planner

  • Declutter Checklist

  • Organizing Tips & Guides

  • FAQ Digital Decluttering Checklist

  • Intro to Emotional Decluttering

  • Minimalism Reading List

  • and More!

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