PODCAST: Simplicity Is the Default - Returning to Self-Love and Abundance

Do you struggle with Minimalism? Do you find it difficult to let go and embrace simplicity? I'm going to share why simple living is the default and why we are often unable to accept this. And also the necessary tools for us to align with this truth.


What’s covered in this episode

  • Why simplicity is the default

  • Why you struggle to accept Minimalism

  • How to overcome material obsession

  • How to cultivate more self-awareness

  • How to be content with what you already have

  • How to practice Shadow Work

  • How to love yourself no matter what your physical conditions are

Resources mentioned

In the introduction episode, I said that we as human beings have been living simply with the bare essentials for many years and now we have suddenly lost this in the age of material abundance

This means that it should be easy for us to return to our roots and natural state. Because Minimalism is not something outside of us that we must newly obtain. We don't have to seek or strive for a simple lifestyle, we just have to tap into what is our innate ability to thrive in a minimal environment. I think this is a big awakening moment for all of us because a lot of us try to possess a minimal lifestyle instead of living, breathing, and drenching ourselves with the practice of Minimalism.  

“But before we can accept ourselves fully, we must understand our own needs and the true way we are meant to live. So at this stage, self-discovery, self-awareness, mindfulness, and intentional living is crucial for success.“

Ready to Dive Deeper? Get unstuck with Minimalism.

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